Top video and podcast : Tubidy

Many music lovers around the world love Tubidy as a video to MP3 conversion app. You can easily stream and get lots of videos and podcasts with this app. No matter where the sources come from.

Best of all, this app is easy to use on any device. You can use laptops or desktops. But also use mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Even old phones can be used without problems

This way, all your downloads can be stored directly on the device of your choice. Easy to carry here every time you go and can give you fun anytime.

This app has some cost-effective features that can be used for your convenience. This way it can easily be done without problems to find the song and download it to your device. Here is a list of features on this site:

1. Search bar

This is the best feature and service that this application offers for its users. You can find it on the main page of this application. Just go to the Tubidy website, you can see it clearly.

Users can easily use this search bar to find the song they want. Enter the title of the song or the name of the singer in it, and then click the “Search” button. The system finds it for you to check.

Another alternative that you can use is that you can copy the URL link to all the videos you have watched from different sources. Continue to paste the link into the search bar. This system will do the exact same process for you.

The good thing about this feature is that the system will give you a list of options consisting of the same song title that you typed. Even if the title is the same, it may be another song sung by another singer or band. Or maybe a different version of the song.

From the list shown, select the exact song you are looking for. In case you still can’t find the exact song, give additional information in the search bar. Like adding the singer or the name of the band. Either the name of the album, or probably the year it was released.

Then click again on the search button and the system will accordingly give a different list of options. Now you have to find the one you are looking for. You can then proceed with the download process.

Giving more complete information to the search bar will help the system find the one you’re looking for more easily. Also to speed up the process.

2. Top video and podcast

This feature is provided by Tubidy to help you find any music video that is currently on YouTube or music platforms there. However, the system can find different trending music and stream the podcast.

It’s easy to do by typing the keyword specific to that music into the search bar. In fact, not only from YouTube, but also from other music resources on other online platforms available to users. Like SoundCloud, TikTok and many social media platforms.

The system can even find the file from your local source in your country, supplemented with the local language. Find and copy the URL link of the song from the other platform. Then use the copied link and paste it into the Tubidy search bar. In this way, you can use the website to convert and download it afterwards.

3. Language option

Tubidy also offers you a language options service. This will allow you to change the main English setting on the site to a language of your choice. This will help you make the app easier to use. There are many alternatives to the language to choose from.

4. Listen without downloading

Users use Tubidy for many types of purposes. Although this site is known for its free download services, it also offers additional useful services for users.

Sometimes you just want to enjoy the song without downloading it. This site also offers this service.

The process is still the same. Go to the search box and just type the title of the song into it. If the system displays the list of song options, click the Play button to listen online instead of downloading.

You can listen to the song online as streaming. Later, if you liked the song enough and then wanted to download it, no need to worry, just click the Download button.

Follow the steps accordingly, then you can record the song to your device. Enjoy this song offline anytime and wherever you want in peace.

As advertised, this site has no limit to how many songs you can listen to. So, you can listen to these songs online streaming as much as you want.

5. Convert music video to MP3

Using Tubidy is the easiest. This site can convert any music videos you have watched on other music platforms and convert them into MP3 files (or MP4 format if you prefer). Just follow these easy steps below:

  • Go to the other music platform where you extracted your favorite music video. This can be YouTube or many different platforms.
  • Copy the URL link to this clip or video. It should be located at the top of the page.
  • Go to the Tubidy website. There you will find the search box on the main page.
  • Then paste the URL link you copied into the search box. Click on “Search”.
  • Select the video you want from the list of options given by the system.
  • Select the download button if you want to download the file.
  • The system will direct you to the download page. You get format options to choose from.
  • You can view the available formats, MP3 as an audio file or as a video file in MP4 format.
  • Continue to select the file size you need. MP3 file sizes range from 64kbps to 320kbps. MP4 formats range from 144p to 1080p.
  • Wait a bit until the conversion process is complete. Then proceed to download the file to your device.
  • Once the download process is complete, enjoy it offline on your device.

All these useful features are provided to all Tubidy users. This will help users to use this site easily. Very convenient for people who would like to make a playlist or build a library of songs.